Winter Motivation — Winter-proof your workouts!

Here we are in the last stretch of winter. Motivation is at an all time low! I can feel it and so can my colleagues and clients. Spring is just around the corner, but right now it feels as though we are sitting in the darkest hour before the dawn (nevermind those extra 3 minutes of sunlight per day).

With patience thin and cold winds blowing, it’s hard to get out of bed and face the gym or lace your running shoes. Excuses are numerous, but taking control of your lifestyle and moving through this last patch of winter maintaining or increasing your activity levels will leave you with greater energy, a better body, and a feeling of accomplishment that outshines staying in bed or cuddling up to a bowl of ice cream!

Here are some tips for beating the Winter Workout Blahs:

  • Don’t Go It Alone:Get a partner or a trainer to help you out! I’m currently boosting my workouts by running with a friend and doing exercise videos in my basement. Find a friend or colleague to go walking with during the day, after work, or on weekends. Or hire a personal trainer for a hard-core, body-changing workout several times a week. Having someone else to exercise with will hold you accountable when excuses mount and motivation wanes!
  • Bring It Indoors: Yoga and gym classes may be more your cup of tea when the weather is cold and wet. If you want something that doesn’t feel like exercise, classes like belly dancing, hip hop, salsa, swing, rock climbing and martial arts are offered through community colleges and local businesses.
  • Turn Your Home into Your Gym: For a small subset of the population, exercising at home is the only way to go. Purchase someone else’s unused treadmill, exercise bike, or weight set and do it yourself! Rent exercise videos to keep variety up for both mental and physical benefits. No athlete’s foot, no gym class flashbacks, and clean up is a snap!
  • Break it Up into Pieces: If time is a factor, break it up into little pieces. Get off a bus stop earlier than usual, or utilize half your lunch break for walking outside with a coworker. Sneak in extra steps – wear a pedometer for inspiration and motivation to keep going!
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