Win This Gluten-Free Cookbook: Nourishing Meals!

Nourishing Meals is the second cookbook created by kick-ass duo Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre of Whole Foods Nutrition. The fact that they are fellow Bastyr Alum may have me a bit biased, but if you know anything about these two you know they only offer incredibly high quality content – be it books, recipes, research, or blog posts.


What I love about this cookbook is that it is not only gluten-free but very vegetarian friendly. Most of these recipes are plant based and ideal if you are doing a whole foods diet or detox. There are some excellent meat recipes as well, but this book is not for the hard core paleo crowd. Allie’s salmon recipes are a must try, and in our household we are especially fond of the fresh smoothie and soup recipes. This week I am making the grain-free carrot cupcake recipe for a local business mom’s potluck we are hosting. (I’m so excited to try this!)


As with all Ali and Tom’s works, the cookbook also has loads of important and useful nutrition information such as preserving foods from your garden, how to get kids to eat their veggies,healthy snack and school lunch ideas, and exploring how food intolerances occur and what gluten-free eating can do for your health.  I recently had the pleasure to take Tom’s Progressive Practitioner Coaching Program and it was an incredible opportunity to dive into one of my favorite niches – digestive health and detoxification. We were gifted a copy of this book from Tom as a thank you for enrolling, and as I naturally already have a copy I am excited to offer the extra to you! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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