Vitamix Total Nutrition Center

1 Powerful Machine, 34+ Kitchen Tasks Promoting Whole-Foods Living:

I’ve owned a Vitamix Total Nutrition Center for almost 10 years, and this bad boy never ceases to amaze me!
My favorite Vitamix story happened about 5 years ago. I was making homemade cornbread but discovered halfway through the recipe that I failed to purchase cornmeal! Rather than run to the store, I ripped open a bag of microwave popcorn, threw it in my Vitamix, and within 45 seconds I had finely ground cornmeal! Recipe saved! Vitamix replaces your food processor, mixer, blender, ice cream maker, and in some cases, stovetop. It can make hot or cold soups, ice cream, salsa, smoothies, and even whole-food juices – fiber intact! The two horsepower motor and strong blades pulverize fruits and vegetables so finely that the fiber is almost indetectable! I use mine for juices, smoothies, salad dressings, homemade nut butters, and make whole-grain flours and hot soups. If you want to see its power firsthand, I will be demonstrating the Vitamix 5000 at the Bastyr Herb and Food Fair on June 3rd. Order through VIBRANCE using code 06-001737 and receive free shipping! (a $25 value!)

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