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There’s still this lingering misconception out there that healthy food is bland and boring.  Where did this come from?? is it a relic from the days when “healthy” meant press-board fiber cakes? Is it because people equate “healthy” with boring frozen meals that have been given a thumbs up by the American Heart Association?

Let me tell you, I love food and I love to eat.

And I love to eat healthfully. It makes me feel good and gives me the energy to do a lot of physical activity, run a small business, and maintain an incredible lifestyle.

My food is never boring. Anyone who has tried what I cook can attest to that (your comments below are appreciated! You know who you are!)

So let me please dispel any lingering doubt that healthy food is boring and bland. NONSENSE!

The key to tantalizing meals are accomplished by two things. BONUS: they can be used independently of one another with good results.

The first is quality. Quality food has amazing taste, hands down. Freshly picked fruit, vine-ripened tomatoes, halibut fresh off the boat…this foods are so incredibly tasty of their own accord that they do not need much additional “help”.

I grow herbs on my patio, choose only grass-fed or organic animal foods and opt for locally grown produce whenever possible. This not only ensures that my food tastes amazing but it also means I am getting more nutrition per calorie, because the food I am putting in my body has more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants when it is grown close to home by individuals who care about the quality of the product they bring to market.

The second key to amazing food is spices. Spices are my secret.  It’s the secret to my crazy-awesome lasagna recipe (only one person knows that secret other than I), the magic behind the power of my notoriously famous soups and the reason why my salad dressings rock the casbah. I use spices to take an ordinary muffin or cupcake and raise it to culinary heights that widen eyes and excite the palate.

Spices not only ensure that each meal is extraordinary, they also contribute powerful medicine to our meals. An herbalist once told me that if it is in the kitchen cabinet, it is medicinal. And looking in my cupboard, I can’t argue with her. Turmeric is a renowned anti-inflammatory, garlic and onion boost immunity, prevent cancer and assist in healthy cholesterol. Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar…and it all tastes good!

If you are bored with your food I encourage you spice it up a little. A simple chicken breast at dinner can take your taste buds to Morocco, Bombay, Istanbul or Florence depending on how you season it.  Below are links to my favorite spice shops.  They have an array of custom blends to inspire and challenge the chef within and are staffed by seasoned connoisseurs of spice.  They are just as passionate about spice and food as I am and can offer lots of helpful suggestions on what to do with something new and exciting that you want to bring home.

If you do not live near these locations, they are willing to ship to you. And if you have a favorite spice shop in your neighborhood, please share the link in the comments section so others can benefit from access to greater tastiness!

World Spice Merchants, Seattle Washington <– hands down, Number One place to visit or order from. I love these folks! Check out the Osaka Salt Blend, the Thai Tofu Seasoning, and the East African Blends!

Summit Spice and Seasonings, Anchorage, Alaska <– Their Cajun Blend and Borealis Blast have been staples in my kitchen for years! (speaking of, I am out of Borealis Blend — I’d love it if my family would send some my way! *AHEM*) They are on the top of my places to visit when I am in Anchorage and offer incredibly friendly, thorough customer service in person or on the phone!

Other Places on my Hit List:

Penzeys Spices (various locations nationwide)

Spice Road Market, Portland, Oregon

San Diego Coffee, Tea and Spice, San Diego, CA

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