VIBRANCE Recommends: Wild Ginger Restaurant

This week I have had a lifelong friend visiting. She has recently been diagnosed with multiple food allergies and is currently on a predominantly gluten-free diet. What most would consider a great limitation has been a wonderful exploration in what is available in Seattle (and NYC).

Right here in our lovely city is Wild Ginger, listed among my friend’s research as being friendly to those with gluten sensitivities. To say it is “friendly” is a gross underestimate. Del, our server, bent over backwards and made certain that each meal was suitable to be shared among all. The house soy sauce was substituted for a wheat-free tamari, our catfish was breaded in tapioca flour instead of wheat and was sent back twice (without our knowledge) because the “chefs didn’t get the sauce perfect enough”, and then given to us on the house in the end because it came to us late. Del’s commitment to our meal was legendary, and so memorable I nabbed her business cards to share with my food-sensitive clients.
The garlic bok choy we ordered was not too heavy on the garlic, and stir-fried until just crisp-tender. The curry was heavy with coconut and spice, the sauce itself thickly clinging to the vegetables and rice rather than dripping through to the bottom of the plate. My companions eagerly mowed down on Kung-pao chicken and lamb skewers, remarking on the generous flavors of each dish. The complex yet balanced flavor profile of each dish reflects the quality of the chefs and the commitment to fine cuisine Wild Ginger is known for.
If you have food-sensitivities or just value damned good service, I highly recommend Wild Ginger downtown. Ask to be served by Del – she certainly won’t disappoint – and tell her I sent you.

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