VIBRANCE Recommends: Sanyo Rice Cooker

With the weather cooling considerably and the days shortening, my bones have been aching for some steel cut oats. Not just any steel cut oats, but my tea-soaked steel cut oats (a genius discovery last winter). Steel cut oats have staying power far superior to oatmeal and provide all the benefits of whole grain oats in a thick, warming porridge with more substance than Quaker will ever have.
The problem with steel cut oats (and why most of you have never had them) is cooking time. I certainly don’t have 45 minutes in the morning to stand over a stove and cook fresh oats! I pondered a plausible solution — if my rice cooker can cook and keep rice warm, can it cook and keep oats warm?
Answer: YES! A resounding yes!

Aside from my Vitamix, the kitchen tool that makes me the happiest is the Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10 cup rice cooker. It will cook and keep rice warm until gone. Period. How ever many days it takes, you will have hot rice. It is the modern kitchen maven’s secret to easy, available whole grains.
I’ve made brown rice, wild rice, and oats in mine. I can use the keep warm function to keep quinoa and other quicker cooking grains hot and ready when I want them. I wake up every morning and have hot whole grains in my bowl in less than 45 seconds. It’s the next best thing to being fed by family.

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