VIBRANCE Recommends: Namaste Foods Brownie Mix

You can’t be healthy all the time, right?

In fact, “they” have labeled it as it’s own disorder: orthorexia.
In defiance of othorexia, and spurred forth by menstrual cravings, I made brownies. Gluten, soy, dairy-free brownies.

With the help of my friends at Namaste Foods, I was able to pull some incredibly moist, delicious brownies out of my oven Friday evening. They were light, fluffy, and it was impossible to tell they were wheat-free! They did not crumble, were not gritty, and took my addition of almonds, dried fruits, and candied ginger quite well.

Namaste Foods is a purveyor of allergy-free products. They make it possible for people like me to get a sugar high without getting sick. And while this isn’t recommended, being able to have a slice of cake, a brownie, or some lovely treat without feeling miserable afterwards is a new and welcome concept; highly encouraged for those who have been missing out! No brain fog, no crazy fatigue. No bloating or unmentionable digestive distress. Just sweet, sweet chocolate cakiness in my mouth.

Thank you, Namaste Foods!

(Namaste Foods has a wealth of allergy-free products available at Whole Foods, PCC, Wild Oats, and hopefully – your neighborhood health food store. You may also visit their website by clicking here.

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