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I’m not one to regularly discuss body care products or share natural beauty tips but I have come across something that I wanted to share because it’s so rare to actually find natural skin care products that actually WORK. Even non-natural products seem to provide little more than inflated claims and finding one that does work is worth speaking about (like hippie deodorant that works! Do you know how many years it took me to find one? Too long my friends, too long).

Smell like you give a damn.
Smell like you give a damn.

I’m still slowly chipping through many of the body care samples I received at Expo West. This week I’ve been using some Juice Organics Brightening Serum and Moisturizer. Everything I’ve been using thus far has been unmemorable, save some paleo deodorant (seriously?!?) that smells like a creamscicle and needs a more thorough field test before I can give it a stamp of approval. Juice Organics, however, has impressed me with the tiniest samples that pack a serious punch. Initially I can say I have enjoyed how, when applied, it remains light on the skin and is well absorbed; I don’t feel like I have some sticky crap or heavy whipping cream applied to my face.

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I was looking in the mirror a couple of days ago and noticed that my skin looks really great. I’ve been blessed with good skin in general, but motherhood and nearly 5 years of San Diego sun has not left me looking like I’m in my early 20s. However, looking in the mirror at the end of the week I realized that I looked significantly clearer, refreshed and – dare I say it – younger. I would have chalked it up to a trick of the lighting or delusions of grandeur had I not noticed my tiny sample bottle on the side of the sink. I picked it up and noted it was a ‘skin brightening’ product, did a little Googling on it and couldn’t argue against seeing the product’s claims in my reflection.

Then, to further discredit the possibility that I have become delusionally narcissistic, the following evening a colleague who had not seen me in a month remarked at how fantastically relaxed I looked despite being in the middle of a highly stressful move which I broke down and cried over earlier that day. That’s when I decided I should make note of it here and share more – if it grabbed my interest and made me sit up and take notice, it might be of interest to you as well.

The samples I received were Juice Organics Skin Brightening Serum and Juice Organics Brightening Moisturizer. I’ve been currently using Weleda because the deodorant works so well but am going to switch over to see if I get carded more as a result!

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