VIBRANCE Recommends: Food for Life Millet Bread

Searching for a tasty gluten-free bread used to be an expensive hit and miss. Up until a few years ago, there were very few options and most of them were so unpalatable it was best to just go without.

Food for Life has done an excellent job of creating a variety of breads that are satisfying, unique, and versatile. Among my favorites of the company’s options is their millet bread; it is the only one I can eat without toasting (although I still prefer it toasted).

Food for Life’s Millet bread is moist and slightly sweet with bits of crunchy whole grain millet embedded in the loaf. It is the perfect carrier to the cashew butter ginger jam breakfast sandwiches that are a mainstay in my home. I nearly always gravitate to this loaf, occasionally seeking variety in the Raisin Almond Loaf or the China Black Rice Loaf.

If you are working on a gluten-free diet, give Food for Life’s Millet Bread a whirl. If you have a personal favorite that you use, please share it here!

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