VIBRANCE Introduces: VegHunter! Your produce tracking app!

As part of my overarching mission to improve the health of the western world through increased produce consumption, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people about difficulties, motivations, challenges, and successes when it comes to sustaining a high produce diet.

Out of these conversations came the awareness that being able to track long term consumption isn’t easy, and there isn’t a suitable app out there to help people do so. So we went behind the curtain, mixed together some carrot tops and broccoli stalks under the full moon within 10 feet of a 5G tower and low and behold! A vegetable tracking app was born!

Introducing: VegHunter!

VegHunter allows users to track the number of servings and the colors they consume daily, encouraging both adequate consumption, awareness of trends, and motivation for variety. We plan on adding more tips, research-based produce facts, and motivational awards in future iterations. This app is available for free on both the Apple store and Google Play in multiple nations worldwide.

Check it out!

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