Top 3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health TODAY!

1) Say hello to your vegetables. Invite them over for dinner.
Vegetables are the most critical and most lacking food in the American diet. Plant life carries abundant sources of vitamins and minerals and are chock full of powerful cancer-preventing, heart-protective, inflammation-squelching antioxidants. They offer an abundance of nutrition for few calories, and are loaded with fiber to satisfy appetite for long periods of time. Enjoy them liberally – steamed, raw, stir-fried or roasted. Hold the cheese sauce!

2) Drink your water!
Our cells bathe in a sea of water. More than 65% of the human body is comprised of this element! Most of us walk around in a state of dehydration – especially if we partake in the coffee culture that permeates the Northwest.
Dehydration manifests itself in numerous symptoms other than thirst. Food cravings, hunger, poor concentration, headaches, muscle spasms, bladder issues, poor skin quality, overheating and fatigue during exercise are some of the symptoms that can be attributed to dehydration.
Don’t like the taste of water? Try adding slices of lemon, orange, lime, or cucumber to your water. Mint sprigs can be particularly refreshing in the summer.
Please note – there is no substitute. Calorie-free “flavored water” is not water. Water is water. Drink liberally until urine is clear. Repeat.

3) Eat Breakfast!
Studies show breakfast eaters have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, better concentration and moods, and are more likely to be height-weight proportionate than their fasting counterparts. Not eating breakfast is akin to letting your car idle all night and then trying to drive it from Seattle to Portland without fueling up. If you have no appetite in the morning, try a piece of fruit or 1/2 a yogurt to start. You’ll soon discover fewer cravings, greater energy, smaller evening meals and a rumbling tummy in the morning — all signs of a healthier metabolism!

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