The Modern Hunter Gatherer: How to Live Life to the Fullest

Humans descended from hunter-gatherer communities. In many ways, we have deviated far from our ancestors and in many ways we are better for it. However, there are certain aspects to hunter-gatherer culture that have been lost to the modernism of our time.

Turning back to some of the key survival skills of ancient times will not only improve our health, but our quality of life. Our body is as ancient as it was thousands of years ago; it’s needs are not so different.

Try thinking of life more on these terms for a spell and see how it can shift both your perspective and your satisfaction…

Hunt for greens – these essential foods offer so much to our body and ideally would make up a large part of our overall diet. Every day I ask – how can I fit greens in here?  Which ways can I sneak greens in? Add fresh salad greens to your sandwiches, utilize heartier winter greens in scrambles, stews, sauces, and as side dishes.

Hunt for Quality – Unfortunately, in modern times quality IS something you need to hunt for. It’s easier to stop by the corner market or grocery store and pick up a pre-packaged sandwich from 4 states away, but by taking the time to hunt for quality now, you give yourself far more extra time in the future that would be spent hunting down a good doctor later.  Quality meals offer greater nutrients to allow our bodies to more effectively navigate through our modern lifestyle with energy, vigor, good health and immunoprosperity.

What is quality? Fresh is quality. Choose locally grown and made whenever possible. Unrefined is quality. The closer it looks to how it was on the farm or ranch the better. The less packaging on your food the better. The fewer ingredients…you got it!…the better.

Where to find quality? The first place is in your kitchen. Make it yourself. Pick it up at your local farmer’s market. Many markets have closed for the winter; so choose what is on sale at your grocery store; it is often in season and grown closer to home. Choose grocery stores which offer the greatest variety of locally grown and/or organic produce. These choices consistently offer more nutrition per square bite than conventionally grown foods from far away.

Gather Community – Human beings are social creatures. It is embedded within us to unite in small, tribal communities. Modern culture has encouraged isolation and singular family units, increasing the stress and strain of modern survival. Reach out to those who are supportive of what you do and who you are.Stay connected to loved ones a bit more. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for support and assistance; doing so allows your loved ones to give you a great gift from the heart.  Associate with groups who can support you and who have similar goals and/or challenges — play groups, single mother groups, vegetarian groups, running groups, etc. Look for the commonality within the groups you are already a part of (by choice or not) and seek to both hear and understand your voice and theirs.

Gather Joy – “All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy I often think of this when I get caught up in diligent responsibility and find myself running ragged on the wheels of productive momentum. Historically, when the sun went down, so did we. Biologically, this still is the case. Hormonal changes occur within us when daylight turns to dark. We negate this effect with caffeine, stimulants, food, and other external solutions to keep us going and going and going until we wear thin or crash from overexertion. If you find yourself stressed and strained under the monumental tasks in your life, take a moment to restore. FInd something that truly energzes you and gives you joy; zoning out in front of TiVo is not restorative to your soul! If you have difficulty thinking of anything, notice what occurs in your life which lifts your heart. It may be as simple as a bunch of daisies, a sunset, walking in the rain or cozying up to a cup of tea in front of the fire. The most restorative of pleasures are often the simplest.

Doing just these four things over the next 30 days will dramatically improve your health and well-being as we enter one of the most stressful times of the year. I encourage you to embrace the above concepts with me and note the difference in your life and holiday.

Please report how it goes for you! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this concept.

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