Curious about what it would be like working with me? Check out these reviews from clients who have worked with me in the past.

Kelly Ross, Sammamish, WA

Aimee Has Simply Changed My Life!

Before meeting Aimee, I was struggling with roller coaster energy, was very inconsistent from a nutritional standpoint, and I never came close to “connecting” with food. Aimee so eloquently took my hand and showed me the way of nutrition from what me and my family eats, where our food comes from, to when we should be eating certain foods. Connecting to “primary” foods took my awareness of “me” to an entirely new level. Aimee has simply changed my life! With her guidance and instruction, I am on my way to running my first half marathon.

R. McIntosh, Bellevue, WA

Can’t Get Over How Good I Look!

Aimee provided personal training that really started from within. A personal trainer that trains the mind, body and soul – it was really a first for me. My fitness goals needed to come from within, for me and only me…I can honestly say that once I “let go” of all the crap and just focused on feeling good for me, the fat seemed to just melt off. I know that sounds crazy but it worked for me. It was as if something “unlocked” and I was finally able to see results after a very frustrating year of diligent workouts with no results. I did work hard with Aimee. I was very diligent about my food choices and really took to heart everything Aimee advised me on. The things I learned from Aimee will stay with me for a life time. It was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself! I still feel incredibly healthy and have never felt HOTTER than I do now. Can’t get over how good I look! Anyway, thanks so much for all your help. Your training and advice has truly been instrumental in achieving my fitness goals. The things I learned from you will stay with me forever!

Kendra M., San Diego, CA

Aimee Is A Miracle Worker!

Your body will be tested, your bad habits will be broken, your life will be improved, and all without ever feeling punished, mistreated, disrespected, or misunderstood. In fact, you’ll have fun. Aimee is a miracle-worker! I recommend her without reservation. (Click here to read more about Kendra’s transformation!)

Kate E., San Francisco, CA

This Is The Place I’ve Always Wanted To Be!

I’ve come to a point where I’m encouraged to work out regularly (3-4 times a week steady for a month now) all on my own motivation. In addition, I’ve been able to stick with smaller meals and a much better diet (with much less white flours/gluten / sugar) on a regular basis, all of my own motivation as well.

This is the place I’ve always wanted to be in. I feel healthy, happy, and motivated to continue as a regular new lifestyle change. I seem to be in a spot where I am no longer hard on myself for having to adjust my workouts / diet to fit my work schedule, which is really wonderful! Also, I’ve kept off all the weight (and lost a few more pounds) since the detox diet, totaling more than 20 pounds lost since we started training over a year ago.

You have inspired me and coached me and advised me in such a wonderful way through all of this, and I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge and encouragement with me this last year. I will never forget this experience.

Thank you so much for helping me bringing healthy eating and exercising back into my daily life.

Cindy S., Las Vegas, NV

..A Salve For My Fears.

Aimee helped me train for my first Half Marathon. We discussed many training options, with her own running experience and training, she had answers to all my questions and salve for my fears. She was patient and thorough, mapping out daily distance training for me and even running with me twice to see how I was progressing. I loved that she had so much to offer me and highly recommend her for not just running, but for help with your nutritional needs as well

Debra C, Personal Trainer, San Diego, CA

What Did You Do To My Client???

What did you do to my client??? She sprung out of bed with an abundance of energy and wanted to exercise! In the three months that I have been training her, I have never seen her excited about getting started. She always states how tired she is and is very slow moving.

Whatever you said or did, keep it coming. Fantastic job!!!

P.B. Seattle, WA

This Was Different…More Of What I Needed

There’s a lot to be said for the style of counseling you do, but even more than that, it’s who you are as a person. The things you say and how you say them have often struck me. You know a lot more than other nutritionists; I’d seen others in the past – but this was different and more what I needed. What helped the most isn’t so directly related to food; it’s more about self-acceptance, how I speak to myself and giving myself a break. That I can slip off the plan and not give myself crap about it – that was a kind of revelation. You are gentle and easy on people without being too easy. You offer gentleness with a lesson – ‘here is an opportunity to learn.’

L. Totten, Seattle, WA, Business Owner/Photographer


Wow! I just keep saying “WOW” after our meeting today. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to how easily I can bend time and actually have a life and take care of my self. Incredible 🙂

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