Starbucks to go rBGH-free!

After continued pressure from consumers, Starbucks has annoucned that it will supply only rBGH-free milk in their US stores by December 31st of this year!
This is a huge step in public health advocacy, as Starbucks is a significant supplier of America’s dairy consumption. Starbucks yield to consumer concern is sending a loud message to the Dairy Industry: Americans do not want added hormones in our milk!

rBGH is a genetically modified, artificial hormone added to dairy cows to encourage milk production. The amount of milk a cow fed rBGH is able to produce is around 7 to 8 additional gallons per day. However, the risk of mastitis (pussy inflammation of the udder) increases by 25%, necessitating additional antibiotics and contaminating the milk supply with both puss and excessive pharmaceuticals. Yes – there is an allowable amount of puss permitted in your glass of milk.

In addition to causing greater suffering and drugging of dairy cattle, rBGH is suspect in human cancers of the prostate, breast, and colon and is consequently banned in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and all 27 countries in the European Union.

Please express your thanks to Starbucks for taking a step to ensure quality beverages and for responding to consumer concerns. Click here to send Starbucks CEO Jim Donald a thank you, on behalf of Food and Water Watch, a public advocacy group.

More info on safety concerns of rBGH.
Wikipedia’s definition and discussion of rBGH.

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