VIBRANCE Recommends: Skinny Crisps

There’s always a piece of me that cringes when I see a product named “Thin” or “Skinny” or “Svelte” or some such nonsense. It smacks of another hokey flash-in-the-pan weight loss fake food that perpetuates the belief that eating manufactured food grade plastic will be the secret to losing weight and enjoying your food. What drew me to Skinny Crisps was that the packaging (below) also touts hot buzz words like “Gluten-Free” and “Low Carb” which have a higher tendency of luring me in.

I picked up the packages and combed over it. I was admittedly surprised at the ingredients (7 ingredients, all recognizable to your great grandmother) and the nutrient profile (low cal and sugar, high fiber) of these crackers – enough so that I gave in to curiosity and brought home the Plain Jane and Cheese varieties. For those who are counting Hormonal Carbs (Metabolic Effect Followers)  all varieties are suitable for all Burner types, with the net hormonal carb count being 5 or less for every cracker (EVEN the Brownie ones!)

Let me just say the cheese variety makes my toes curl in glee. Crunchy, cheesy, like Cheezits or Doritos with some HEFT to it.  Unlike Cheezits, a handful or two will satisfy you, not leave you desiring more. Skinny Crisps currently are offered in  Brownie, Cheese, Toasted Onion, Plain, Seeded, Sesame, and Cinnamon flavors.  These will be a staple in my kitchen for that little bit of crunchy satisfaction I am sometimes desiring.  Check them out below, and if they aren’t in a retail location near you, ask for them and order them online until your local store gets on board!

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