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We’re all foodies here

VIBRANCE Nutrition and Fitness recognizes the deep ties we all have to the foods we consume. We work around unhealthy food habits by understanding them and finding the appropriate place for them in one’s life. We won’t tell you never to have a bacon double cheeseburger again if you won’t tell us you’ll never, ever try quinoa because you can’t pronounce it.

A balanced life is one which includes the joys of an occasional cream sauce but understands that there is a time and place for such dishes. By understanding the obstacles that are inhibiting your desire to reach your highest potential in fitness, weight, or health we open the doors to creative solutions that can allow you to have your cake and eat it, too. Just not three times a week.

At VIBRANCE, food is held as a sacred event. We won’t disrespect it by turning into points or demonizing it because of its calorie content. We look at food not just as a set percentage of calories, fats, and proteins, but as an entity which has the potential to enhance or detract from your well-being. A slice of Mom’s homemade pie – even if it has a cup of butter in the crust – may be the best food for your heart and do more for your overall health than saying “No, Thanks” and having an apple instead.

VIBRANCE is a unique combination of health and nutrition coaching as well as personal training services under one roof, wrapped up within one individual. Whether you have been active for a week or a decade, Aimee can help adjust your nutrition intake to assist you in meeting your goals. She specialize in fitness training geared to those who are new to fitness or are returning from a lengthy hiatus. If you are interested in increased energy and mobility, weight-loss, or simply finding the easiest way to eat healthy given your unique schedule and lifestyle, Aimee can offer you the support and well-rounded guidance to help you change your life!

Packages are customizable and tailored to the individual based on need and location. Current availability for new clients is extremely limited. Please contact us to discuss your needs and get current pricing information.

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