Rekindling Joy in Exercise

What is stopping you?

I’ll tell you a secret.
We all have moments where we really dread exercise. Even personal trainers, marathon runners, Olympic athletes. The difference between those who keep going and those who don’t is rarely a matter of sheer willpower; more often than not it is that larger idea beyond this moment that gets them out the door.

If you find yourself resistant to exercise, look inside. What beliefs are conquering you? When I say to myself, I don’t have time, I remember Oprah, who exercises every morning and certainly has less free time than I do!
Sometimes I am tired. Often that is legitimate, but exercise is a great invigorator! If I get my shoes on and get out the door, I promise myself I can stop after 15 minutes. Once I get going, I’ll keep on going and feel very accomplished afterwards. And if I don’t, I’m proud of myself for at least trying.
Other times, I fall into black and white thinking patterns. See if this sounds familiar to you:
It’s thirty minutes of travel time to the gym and back, and I will only be there for 30 minutes! What’s the point??
I can’t believe I’ve become so weak. I used to lift 3 times this weight in college! I’m not as young as I used to be, and this really makes me see that! Guess I’ll just throw in the towel. It’s better than being reminded of what I lost.

My greatest endorphin rush does not come from placing well in a race or lifting more than I ever have before. My greatest sense of pride in exercise comes from when I overcome that limited thinking that ultimately sabotages my higher good. By committing to 15 minutes of activity instead of the hour I had planned, I’m still telling myself that I am important and I deserve to feel good. I’m still strengthening my bones, boosting my metabolism, and most importantly – grinding in the habit of regular, consistent movement.
What are the things you tell yourself to get out the door? I want to know! Send me a message or comment below and I will share your top excuse-busters with other readers. Don’t be shy! I love hearing form you!
If you are currently a non-exerciser, look at the reasons you stay sedentary. Imagine a close friend was telling you the same thing and wanted your input on how to get around it. What would you say?

Our natural tendency is one of movement. As kids, how many of us stared at the clock waiting for recess so we could play outside? How many weekends did we run about like madmen until dinner?
If what you know of exercise is reminiscent of sadism, find another form of movement that lifts your spirits. Look into dance classes, yoga, Zumba, housecleaning to your favorite tunes, or an invigorating walk on one of our many paved trails. Give yourself 10 minutes of ‘I’m worth it’ to start, and see where it goes from there.

No matter what, the most important thing is to never give up on yourself. As long as you are alive, you have great opportunities before you.

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