RECIPE: All-Fruit Pops

Fruity. Tropical. Cool.

Nothing but fresh fruit goes into these easy blender pops. The trick is to use almost over-ripe fruit. One batch makes 6 pops. Experiment with other flavors by using fruit on hand and the local berries in season!
• 2 very ripe bananas
• 10 to 15 very ripe strawberries (small)
• 1 very ripe mango or papaya (or 3 kiwis)
• 6 popsicle sticks (or plastic spoons)
1. Wash and clean the fruit.
2. Peel and slice the banana and mango or papaya or kiwi) into small chunks.
3. Place all the fruits in a blender.
4. Once liquefied, pour the fruit into popsicle containers or paper cups.
5. Place a popsicle stick into each container and place in the freezer for 3 hours or until solid.

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