Product Alert: Thundering Hooves Pasture Finished Meats

I spent all weekend in a business seminar for holistic, green businesses. There I met Keith from Thundering Hooves, and I have to tell you, I fell in love with this man.

Thundering Hooves represents beef at it’s best. At it’s BEST. I firmly believe if you are going to eat meat, it is absolutely necessary to choose organic and free-range. The standard methods of raising livestock in the country have horrid ethical and environmental consequences, but on a strictly professional level, I cannot endorse consuming non-organic meats. There are a number of reasons why that are best explained on a separate post. Through my research I’ve found several companies offering “natural” beef, and whenever possible, I look at their website and check them out. The quality of “natural” varies widely, but in many cases it means antibiotic and hormone free. Sometimes these animals are raised orgaincally, sometimes they are grass-fed — but even some grass-fed meats are “finished” with a few months of corn to boost fat content.
No website has ever discussed the unpleasant task of slaughter, which is something that is important to me on a personal level.

This weekend, the man sitting across from me informed me that they not only raise their livestock on 100% grass-fed diets, but they have a USDA-certified “harvester” on-site. Which means these animals never have to endure the stress of transport from farm to slaughterhouse.


A company who gives the highest quality care to the animals all the way to the end.

How can I not swoon?

Thundering Hooves is very open about their slaughtering procedure on their website. I highly encourage you to check it out, look at what they have to offer (home delivery AND local pick-up sites in the Seattle area!). If you place an order, please let them know that Aimee at VIBRANCE Nutrition and Fitness sent you. It lets Keith know I care.

Support local.
Support environmentally-sustainable.
Support socially-responsible.
Support Thundering Hooves.

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