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Hi! I’m Aimee Gallo, Functional Nutritionist and Human Revitalizer.

My tribe knows me as the Master Veg Hunter. The photo above shows me in my natural habitat.

My overarching mission in life is to help people find sustainable tools to increase their health so they can live the life they love.

While this is serious work, the key to its success will be in making it entertaining and lighthearted, yet utterly compelling.

Who’s This Aimee Character?

I was blessed to discover a seemingly unlimited passion for nutrition’s role in disease prevention at the age of 12. Consequently, I’ve spent over 30 years studying how our daily choices affects our health and still can’t get enough on the topic.

As a nutritionist, I’ve helped countless men and women regain their energy, health and vibrancy through sustainable lifestyle shifts uncovered in a shame-free, collaborative fashion. I’ve been honored to be a contributor on topics of health and wellness for Athleta’s Chi Blog, Mother Earth Living Magazine, and was recognized as a leading Mom in Business in 2014 StartUP Nation.

As an enthusiastic promoter of protein and vegetable consumption, I’m inspired to spread the word and help others make vegetables exciting, irresistible components of their daily meals. From mind-blowing research to everyday tips for the career-driven professional, my infectious enthusiasm will inspire your audience to take effective, sustainable actions to elevate their health.

Topics That Make Me Giddy:

  • How Vegetables will Heal our Healthcare Crisis
  • Sex Differences in Sports Nutrition: How Women Can Work With Their Bodies Instead of Fighting Against It
  • How Both Veganism and a Low Carb Diet Can Heal Us
  • Goal Setting for the Human Spirit
  • Breaking Free of Fad Diets: the Triumph of n=1
  • The Two Questions You Need to Ask Before Each Meal
  • Secrets of a Master Veg Hunter: How to Get 10 Servings of Produce a Day

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