The Lean Living Lifestyle Program

What is the Lean Living Lifestyle?long-term-lifestyle

It’s a way of eating, thinking and moving that is designed to work with your body to achieve a natural, balanced bodyweight.

It’s a group of people committed to their health, strength and vitality no matter what their age or current state of fitness.

It’s an educational program to give you the tools you need to end cravings, boost energy, get stronger, leaner and fitter without counting calories, being hungry, or measuring food!


We address the components of lean living:

  • Lifestyle Habits – creating an environment and habits to support a healthy bodyweight
  • Exercise – Workouts to do at home, in a gym or on vacation and how to exercise to boost fat loss
  • Attitude – addressing cravings, mindset, and creating success from the inside out
  • Nutrition – Discover Your Optimal Fat Loss Plate, try out Tasty Recipes and get the skinny on how to set your hormones to balance your weight more easily without hunger or cravings.

This program is a comprehensive package to help you master the lean living lifestyle:

  • 2 Personal Trainers (Aimee Gallo and Lisa English) to help you customize workouts to your fitness level!
  • Accountability Coaching to keep you on track and troubleshoot challenges
  • In-depth education on hormonal fat loss, exercising to boost fat loss, and creating a fat-burning environment whether dining in OR out!
  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group where you’ll meet other people like you, share successes and get even more tips, recipes, and individual coaching!
  • Daily emails to keep you inspired and in the know!

This month-long program begins Sunday, January 8th. Register below to learn LEAN habits that last!

What people are saying:

“This challenge group was awesome. I have never been so inspired by a group of people so much before. The most satisfying part was I was not in this alone. It was almost a relief to know that everyone no matter what age, what size, what fitness levels had common issues.”

“During this challenge I found myself finding a lot of energy… It was enough energy to cut out my normal entire caffeine intake!….The biggest change I have had during this challenge was that now I know I am stronger than all the junk food that is out there.”

“…2 inches lost from my waist and over 9 pounds!”

“I have grasped this new lifestyle of working out and eating the right things and I am confident that I will continue this after this challenge!”

“I’m so excited that I finally found a way of eating that is completely sustainable!”

Only $125.00 per person!