It’s time to Clear Nutrition Confusion And Acheive Your Goals.

Are you confused by what your body needs to thrive?

Conflicting nutrition information that rapidly changes  leaves nearly everyone confused and ready to throw in the towel! In this masterclass we will dive into the timeless nuance that is neglected in fad programs and empower you to confidently make choices that are best for your body, rather than follow the whims of the crowds.

This Masterclass covers:

The Forgotten Nutrition Priority That Will Catapult Your Results

For the last 70 years, much of nutrition has stayed at the superficial level of calories and outdated macro wars between fats and carbs. Learn why this provides limited results and the neglected piece that is essential to truly thrive.

Drama-Free Truths about Carbs, Fats and Proteins

Macros! How much do they matter? Are carbs (or fats) actually bad for you? Learn why some myths persist and what the nuanced truth is so you aren’t misled by the next fad diet to come down the road!

Practical Tips to Implement immediately!

Each class ends with practical tips you can implement that will improve energy, reduce recovery time and keep you crushing your fitness goals! Q+A sessions follow each class so you can get your specific queries addressed!

The Nitty Gritty Details:

Classes are held via Zoom the first three weeks of February:


Feb 1, 2023 at 6pm

Feb 8, 2023 at 6pm

Feb 15, 2023 at 6pm 


Classes will be recorded and later uploaded to the class website for future reference. 

A dedicated Q+A session following class will be held each week to answer lingering questions. 

Nutrition Matters. And So do you.