Mitochondria aren’t just ‘the powerhouse of the cell’!

In high school biology we learned that mitochondria are the ‘powerhouse of the cell’, responsible for producing the energy that sustains our lives. However, mitochondria also play a roll in cell division, cell differentiation (specialization of cells), and neuron health and function. The health of our mitochondria appear to play a role in the development of cancer as well as Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. Signs of damage are often invisible or overlooked, such as ‘foggy brain’ and ‘fatigue’, and these symptoms can proceed a diagnosis by up to 20 years. If you aren’t aging gracefully, you can take matters into your own hands to reverse the trend and reclaim your health through a vegetable rich diet and regular, daily exercise – both of which do the mitochondria (and the rest of your body) good! (If you slept through biology, you can get the gist of what mitochondria are here: What Are Mitochondria?)

The foundation of mitochondrial health isn’t especially glamorous or complicated – the basics of good health will do a great deal to help your mitochondria. Our ’10 Weeks to a Healthier You’ online program is an excellent way to assess your overall habits and improve the foundations of health specifically in the areas you need the most. This free program is delivered into your email inbox once a week to allow you time to implement each pillar of health so that you can have a notable, powerful improvement in your health at the end of 10 weeks! Enroll here!


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