Making Water Tasty

One of the most important things you can do for your health and vitality is drink water. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated; if your urine is not pale yellow you are not drinking enough! (the exception to this is for those taking a B complex or multivitamin)

One of the common complaints I hear is that water doens’t “taste good” or it is “boring”. Here are some innovative ways to refresh nature’s perfect beverage:

  • Add a squeeze of citrus: lemon, lime, or orange slices add color and zest (pun not intended) to an ordinary glass of water.
  • Add fresh cucumber slices to a glass or pitcher of water.
  • Go herbal by adding fresh basil or rosemary from the garden to a pitcher of water. I just learned this new trick and it is absolutely fantastic! Other ideas: lavender, oregano, mint and thyme!
  • Freeze washed grapes and use them as ice cube to keep water cool. A sweet snack at the bottom of your glass can be incentive to drink up!
  • Keep your water chilled longer by freezing a few glasses, or keeping your waterbottle in the freezer with 1/2 inch of water inside. Instant ice cube, long lasting chill!
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