Is Your Brain Keeping You Fat?

The brain is a neglected, yet critical part of the weight loss component. In my years of working with those who are seeking a smaller body size, the consistent difference between those who succeed and those who do not lie solely in attitude. Those who reap the greatest results are those with a determined set mind. They have made the decision that their body is not what they envision for themselves, and that it will be different. In their minds, the act is essentially complete – it is simply a matter of execution. There are no excuses, no room for doubt.

If you struggle with weight loss, and have been for some time, it may be helpful to take a close look at what is sabotaging you. What beliefs are you holding onto that thwart your innermost desires? Who in your life are you allowing to make decisions about your body size for you (such examples are giving into spouses’ sabotaging, allowing the needs of others to get in the way of your exercise time, etc.)? And what have you gained by keeping your weight high? How does it serve you?

Those last two questions often surprise people. But, barring metabolic disturbances, the bottom line is this – if you were not benefiting in some way from your body size, it would be different. For some, extra weight offers protection – from intimacy, rejection, attention. For others, it is rebellion against being controlled. This is often very painful to hear and realize, but it often provides a phenomenal breakthrough and allows real, lasting progress to begin.
Examining the benefits of keeping on weight, or the actions that keep you heavy, allow you to question whether they still serve a need and give you the opportunity to explore other options of meeting current needs.Being aware of these patterns give you great power to change and heal through difficulties that keep you stuck in a less than vibrant life.

Much of my work is helping those who struggle root out saboteurs and effectively maneuver through the obstacles of daily life. Many times these important questions have never been asked! They certainly are not addressed in most diet books! I encourage you to stop, look at your thoughts and beliefs, examine your external obstacles, and make the decision – a solid, firm resolve – to make your life better. You have the power within you to have the life you dream of!

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