How to have a kick-ass 2016


I knew that having a child was going to provide ample distractions and make it challenging to stay focused. That said, I didn’t fully realize the magnitude of perpetual disruption on how connected I would feel to myself and my life’s path. It’s taken two years, but I am finally refocusing and recentering myself for this coming year. For me, it will be a year of reclaiming myself independent of my role as a mother and integrating Mother with Self so that I can operate from a more authentic place and honor who I am in this next phase of my life. While my clients have demonstrated the difficulty of self-care in the face of motherhood, I now understand it at a much more profound level than I did pre-parent and am even more committed to helping mothers reconnect to themselves so they can have a fulfilling life.

This plan is a work in progress, but I invite you to join me in taking the time to do this important work. I would love to hear from you throughout the year on how it is going, what you are discovering and what works and what doesn’t. You can share by commenting below or by sending me an email. I will be sharing my experiences here throughout the year as well.

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STEP ONE: Get clear on your intention for the year. 

This is best done not as a goal, but as an essence. As I had no clear sense of what direction I wanted to go earlier this month I went back to an exercise that has been very helpful to me in the past: Jade Teta’s Totem Word exercise. This exercise reliably brings me back to my values and core mission for my life whenever I lose sight of it.


STEP TWO: Make It Juicy!

Leonie Dawson
is a goddess of Juicy Living. Her niche is helping hippie artist-types find success in their artistic passions, but her messages and products are really useful for anyone
in business or those wanting to bring more creative, right-brained habits to life. This year I am using her 2016 Create Your Shining Year in Life to outline what I want more of and how I am going to get there. This notebook begs for markers, stickers, collaging, and play; something I am betting most of us can benefit from! [Tweet “WARNING: if you hate hippies or are especially allergic to Woo-Woo types this may not be for you.”] Leonie can push my woo-woo tolerance but her message is really grounded and practical and has always benefitted me when I have utilized any of her programs or products. While starting the workbook at the new year gives you the most time to get results, the reality is you can pick up this workbook at any time of the year and use it as a tool for clarifying, outlining and planning the next phase of your life (or business if you get the business workbook)

STEP THREE: Record it where you’ll see it daily!

I’ve started using a passion planner and am really enjoying it as a resource for tracking my actions that are connected to my overall intention for the year. At the beginning of the planner are some exercises to help you get focused on your year ahead so you have a reminder on hand daily. The planner itself offers a weekly focus, space for notes, to-do lists, and quotes and challenges to keep you connected and growing. You can check out these planners at

Inside of the Passion Planner, available at

I’m also trying a new service this year, “One Little Word”. I’ll be getting monthly writing prompts on the word that I have chosen to serve as my totem word for 2016. I believe there will be some opportunity for crafting as well, which is something that I have wanted more practice with all of my adulthood.

What are your big aims for 2016? I would love to hear your totem word or intention for this coming year!

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