Harvesting Your Sweetest Fruits

Thanksgiving is about harvest and gratitude. We each contain many gifts which are the fruits of our experiences here on earth. Some are easy to reach — theya re inherent gifts and talents that come easy to us. Others we have access to but were grown through great challenges and labors. We also have high hanging fruits — talents and attributes we know are within us but feel difficult to reach at times.

What are some of your low-hanging fruits? You easy-to-pick, lush berries that are the effortless talents of your uniqueness?

What gifts have you been given as a result of challenges and hardships you have faced? These fruits are often very important to look at and acknowledge, for they counter the difficulties you experienced in growing them.
Finally, what attributes do you have that feel just out of reach or require greater effort to access? These fruits often inspire us to grow and stretch forward, to evolve to our highest self. They may be what we have always wanted and hoped for ourselves but do not reach for because they take a little extra effort.

Take a moment to write down all your fruits — low-hanging, hard won, and hard to reach. Be grateful for that which comes easy to you, the fruits of your more labourous adventures and the fruits which inspire you to stretch and grow to greater heights. These gifts are unique to you; they are your treasures to use and share as you please. This exercise can bring an awareness of the abundant gifts and talents you possess, the rewards for life’s struggles, and inspiration to grow into your best self in the upcoming year.

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