Fun Ways to Enjoy Leftover Easter Eggs

Delicious, Tummy-Rubbing Recipes for Leftover Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs is practically a must-do for any home with children. Once the fun is over, parents left with a dozen eggs or more that need to be painstakingly plowed through. Most people I know will make deviled eggs or egg salad, and honestly the same old recipe gets weary after awhile. I mean, how many egg salad sandwiches can you handle in a week?

I took it upon myself to scour the Internet for some exciting alternatives to the classics, and a couple of international dishes (Hello, Scotch eggs and Egg Curry!) to take your Easter leftovers to the next level. If you are from a child-free home I encourage you to try one of the deviled egg recipes at your next spring potluck or event – they are certain to please! Do you hate mayo? Try making your own (seriously; it’s easy and makes you realize everything you’ve eaten that was called mayo was a hideous lie). Is there no way on this green Earth you’ll even go there? No problemo – substitute greek yogurt or even avocado in any deviled egg recipe. Here are some choice recipes to try:

KimChi Bacon Deviled Eggs

Truffled Deviled Eggs

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Not into Deviled Eggs? Try these recipes on for size!

Paleo Scotch Eggs 


Spicy Egg Curry (use coconut oil instead of ‘refined oil’)

Egg Salad with Capers, Red Onions, Lemon and Dill (nix the bread and spread inside celery sticks or add a dollop onto lox laid atop a romaine lettuce leaf for a healthier choice)


Give one of these recipes a whirl this Easter and let me know what you think! If you have any fun ideas for leftover Easter Eggs do share! I’ll happily add them to this post and credit you your brilliance!


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