Finding Easy Ways to Be More Active

Many people look at their daily schedule and find it impossible to fit in a trip to the gym.  But, this doesn’t mean you have to shrug off exercise all together!  Fitness is so much more than treadmills and weight training; fitness is about finding ways to move your body.

Here are some ways that you can work more healthy movement into your schedule:

1. Add Some Steps to Your Morning: If you take public transportation to work, plan to get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way.  This extra bit of walking in the morning will help get your blood pumping and mind clear for the day ahead.  If you drive, choose to park further away rather than finding a spot right up by the door. 

2. Lunch-break Love:   Take some time for you on your lunch break.  Pack yourself a healthy brown bag lunch and step outside.  Take a quick stroll around your building or to the nearest park and have a breath of fresh air while you eat.  This will also refresh you and help prevent the mid-afternoon slump. Alternatively, you can pull off an exit during rush hour and wait out the worst of it by going for a walk (I’ve done this a few times myself – makes the commute home much nicer!)

3. Choose to Move:  Next time you are making plans for a girl’s night out, why not suggest something new?  Check out a local fitness class (Groupon can be great for these), take in some hot yoga, or even opt for a night out dancing.  If you are a Mom, next time you take your kids to the park, don’t simply sit on the bench responding to emails on your phone.  Instead, get up from the bench and run with them – let yourself feel like a kid again.  It will be worth it for both you AND them!

4. Find a Fitness Buddy: The best thing you could ever do for yourself is to find accountability outside yourself. As social animals, humans work best in collaborative community.  Find yourself someone that you can be honest with about your goals and desires.  Make sure they are someone who will challenge you to reach for them and encourage you when you may fall short from time to time.

These are some simple way to bring for movement and fitness into your life.  What are some ideas you have to find effortless ways to move your body?

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