Frequently Asked Questions

As a private practice, we are not in network with any insurance companies. If you are seeking nutrition counsel for an already diagnosed condition (such as pre-diabetes, diabetes or GI disorder) a super bill with the sessions you’ve received that month, CPT codes and how much you have already paid out of pocket can be given you. You can send this to your insurance company and if they choose to reimburse, they will send you a check in the mail.

HSA and FSA dollars may also be accepted for sessions with a nutritionist. None of this is a guarantee. You will need to check with your insurance provider, as requirements are consistently changing year to year.

Rates depend upon session length and package purchased. However, an initial assessment is $250 and is 60-75 minutes long.

An initial assessment will allow us to thoroughly go over your health history, what you have tried and determined to be helpful (or not), and outline a strategy to move forward based upon your health history, experiences, and You will leave this session with clarity and next steps, whether or not you continue forward with us.


In the event that we decide food tracking will be helpful, it will be for a brief period of time and is typically focused on the type of foods and nutrients you are consuming, rather than your caloric intake.

A food plan or other rigid diet won’t teach you how to listen to your body or navigate nutrition in the real world, so we don’t prescribe them. 

We’ll absolutely guide you and give you recipes, tips, and guidelines to get you to your goal, without following a rigid, unrealistic plan or obsessively counting calories. 

Rigid prescriptive diets are best when briefly utilized for bodybuilders and elite athletes, but are overkill at best and potentially harmful for most of us.

You are an adult. I do not have the power (or desire) to force you to give up anything! However, we may have candid conversations about whether or not a food you are attached to is a significant obstacle to your goals. 

My goal is to help all my clients get results while ‘getting away with’ as much as they can. However, sometimes what we want and what we need are in opposition. If evidence supports abstaining from a food or beverage and you are not willing to part with it, your choice will be respected. You may end up adjusting your expected outcome based upon this, but that choice is yours.

Feel free to send me a message here. If you are looking for one on one coaching program visit this page.