Exercising in the Rain

Wet stuff has been falling out of the sky! That means exercising outside is going to look a little different! VIBRANCE is an all-terrain, 4-wheel drive, four season experience, so if you willing and able to be in the rain, we will be right there with you!!

That said, exercising in the rain is a little different than the normal San Diego experience, so there are some things to consider:

1) It’s Wet AND Slippery!
If you have old shoes, these end up posing an even greater safety hazard in the rain due to worn treads. Just like your vehicle hydroplanes, your toes or heels can hydroplane on wet roads or grass and cause you to slip and injure yourself. Wear shoes with a good, chunky tread. Light hikers can make a huge difference in your ability to grip the ground.

2) Temperature fluctuations
You will get cold easier in the rain. Dress like we do in the Pacific Northwest to stay warm and dry, even if the streets are flooding:

* Layers Are Your Friend – Moisture wicking clothing is always the best option for exercise. If you are unsure of how warm to dress, layer with moisture wicking clothing as it prevents sweat and rain from being trapped next to your skin as you exercise. It is important to keep your skin dry during exercise because when you are wet, from sweat or rain, you become colder much faster. Avoid cotton at all costs. As it gets wet, it becomes a sweaty, water-logged wrap that adds extra weight and causes chills.

* Protect Yer Noggin! – If you need to keep warm, remember to wear a thin hat or cap to keep heat in. Covering your head will also keep your ears safe from cold wind which can cause unnecessary discomfort and lead to upper respiratory illness, especially for Vata dominant doshas. You may need to take that cap off after 10 minutes, but you’ll be glad you have it until then!

* Warm de Hands and de Feets – Remember to wear gloves and thicker socks when exercising in the cold or wetness, as these areas get coldest fastest. Make sure your shoes have vents in them to let any water that soaks in drain back out.

* Get Slick! – If it is raining outside, a good option is to wear a rain jacket. You can choose between light weight to thicker jacket options, depending on how warm you get and your activity. Generally, unless there are heavy winds, a very light water repellent layer is enough.

While exercising in the rain may seem like torture upon torture, you’ll find it has many benefits. You are far less likely to overheat, you have very little traffic from other runners or cyclists, and neither sunscreen nor sweat sting your eyes. The best part for me is the increased reward of the hot shower afterward!

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