December 2006 Newsletter

‘Tis the Season!

Finding Balance in the Midst of the Holidays


I hope the holidays find you filled with the light and spirit intended for this time. In this newsletter, I will share new and exciting additions to VIBRANCE services, wonderful winter recipes, and discuss finding balance in the midst of the holiday season.
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Aimee Gallo

New Services Offered By VIBRANCE!

Tying it All Together – Addressing the Whole Person

My journey in the wellness industry began young with an ardent passion for nutrition. As I grew older, I began to understand that proper nourishment can only go so far. In my teens, I ate mostly high-quality, nutritious food, but it wasn’t until I began exercising regularly that I really noticed a difference in my moods and energy. (Wouldn’t you all agree teens need a lot of help with moods??) Thus my interest in fitness sparked, and I chose to complete my personal trainer certification halfway through college.

While finishing college, I came to understand that the proper diet and exercise cannot lead one to happiness if there are underlying issues in one’s personal life that drain vitality. I began to see true health as a fusion of attention and balance between the mind, body, and spirit. I was a certified personal trainer, finishing a degree in nutrition, and had no desire to go back to school for psychology, so I began my practice upon graduating.

Providing nutrition and personal training has been very rewarding for me, yet I have always desired a stronger knowledge in fostering the psychological and motivational factors behind change.
This fall, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC to become a board-certified Holistic Health Counselor. This additional education will allow VIBRANCE to assist you in designing the life you truly want to live! A truly vibrant life is one in which the body, mind, and spirit is recognized and nourished.
I am very excited to be offering new counseling-focused programs beginning in February and opening my doors to those living in other states and countries. Counseling programs are designed to target the goals and dreams in your life that will give you greater vitality and satisfaction. Current services such as personal training, program design, and dietary analysis will still be offered and can be easily fused within your program.
Please feel free to contact me for more information!

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