Davinci's Cafe and Bakery

I’m sitting here, outside Da Vinci’s, finishing a chocolate blackberry muffin.
(I can hear some of you now: she eats chocolate muffins??!?!)

No, I haven’t gone on a gluten/dairy bender. I cannot say I haven’t been tempted! After noticing that the almond milk I have been using contains soy lecithin, I nearly threw in the towel in frustration. But rather than commit digestive suicide, I chose to hunt down a little known Seattle treasure, Da Vinci’s Cafe and Bakery.

Nestled in a relatively unattractive part of Greenwood, Da Vinci’s truly is a haven for the food intolerant. A dedicated gluten-free bakery, they have left no stone unturned, offering delectables for vegans, dairy intolerant, soy intolerant, and nut allergies. All items are gluten and peanut free, and varieties abound for those with other food intolerances. A big complaint about gluten-free goods is that they are gritty, dry, and tasteless. I assure you the chocolate muffin I just scarfed down was none of those things.

Traffic is pretty solid here for a Thursday afternoon. The five space parking lot became filled with my vehicle’s entrance, and there were several people inside eagerly chowing down on various baked goods and lunchtime offerings (quiche and pizza, to name a few). I walked up to the counter to stand in line after quickly scoping the place out (allergy-focused books on the book shelf, ingredients predominantly displayed next to the bread shelf) and was greeted by a young girl who asked if she could be of assistance. I informed her that I needed something soy, dairy, and gluten free. She was quickly able to point out several options. The owner behind the counter piped in once she was finished with her customer, informing me that everything is gluten free, and that there is a terrific soy-free French bread available on Fridays (just may have to come back tomorrow…)

The bane of my existence has become soy lecithin, which is everpresent in anything which may need emulsifying (chocolate, dressings, my freaking almond milk). While some ingredients did contain soy lecithin, I was able to find both sweets and savories that qualified with my new dietary restrictions. Now when I get irritated at the limitations and want to bury myself in a brownie, I have someplace to go.

Thanks, Da Vinci’s!

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  2. Thank you, Kim! I appreciate your thoughts!

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