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3 Month Coaching Program

This coaching program lays a solid foundation of new habits and understanding of what foods enhance your health and vitality, and what foods rob you of it. You will experience more stable, improved energy, learn to procure healthy foods in a quick and sustainable way, and can significantly reduce several risk factors for chronic disease, such as reductions in blood sugar, cholesterol, and obesity. 

Athletes will learn the foundation of fueling for performance beyond calories and develop the nutrition habits that will improve outcomes in all future endeavors.

6 Month Coaching Program

This program is for those who have had long, ongoing struggles with habit change or more complex health challenges.

A six month time frame allows us to dig deep into the challenges that have held you back. While there are often logistical components, mindset challenges such as perfectionism, procrastination, all-or-nothing thinking and/or a history of dieting trauma can make implementing even the easiest of tasks impossible. As your positive, compassionate guide, we can move at a pace that works for you while applying consistent, loving encouragement to reframe your relationship with yourself as it applies to food, health and movement.

2 hours of coaching each month with between-session support and accountability

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