Client Testimonial: Caterina P.

I’ve had the honor of working with Caterina for a couple of years now. Below, she describes her transformation achieved through consistent support and dedication to her health. Congratulations on your successes, Caterina! I am excited to see where you go from here!

  • What made you decide it was time to take action and address your health? “In 2016, I hit perimenopause, and along with multiple other factors at play (high stress job, high stress grad school, death in the family, etc) – I began experiencing adrenal issues, physical anxiety attacks, massive inflammation increases in my body, and in the course of that following year I put on about 40lbs (in one year!). By 2018, I had gotten good medical help and support, which helped me start the journey back to wellness. I had also tried all the other typical things to reduce inflammation and lose weight (diets, joining a gym) and had decided I needed more outside support to find my way back to full health.”
  • Why did you choose to work with me specifically? “I specifically wanted someone who would work with me on my nutrition (to help with the inflammation), but could also help with activity/exercise and building better habits in the long term.  I was feeling clumsy, exhausted, bloated, overweight, and I had difficulty sleeping. I was feeling frustrated by my efforts not helping, and I felt lost about how to move forward. I googled “nutritionist and personal trainer” and found Aimee! She seemed ideal, and even though at first I was nervous about the monthly cost, I realized that it was an investment in my health and just gave it a try. It has been, without exaggeration, the best investment I have ever made. I did not expect the consistent level of creative, outside the box types of encouragement, or the tailoring of options for what worked best for me specifically, and I was pleasantly surprised by the humor!”
  • What has been your biggest challenge? “CONSISTENCY!! I am overcoming it by remaining committed to *at least* my weekly phone call with Aimee, which in itself helps me to re-engage on a manageable, weekly level. And in that weekly phone call, she engages me in longer term goals and visions for myself.”
  • How do you feel now compared to how you felt before? “SO much better. My energy levels have improved, I have a very real understanding about what causes my inflammation levels to increase and decrease, I have multiple coping skills for staying active on daily basis, and how to get over the hump on those days I “don’t feel like it.” I have learned so much about nutrition and what ways of eating work best for my body. Weight loss was not my main goal, but it has been a wonderful side benefit!”
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to achieve what you have achieved? “Honestly: just call Aimee. Just do it. Go ahead and set up the intake, trust her to navigate with you to a plan that will work for you, for your body, and for your budget, and invest in yourself with her help. Seriously – that is my advice. The most tangible difference one might notice in me now, compared to before is that I’ve lost weight and have more energy – the next obvious is that I don’t eat the way I used to, and although I don’t “brag” about my food choices, I eat a TON more vegetables and fruits now, and I don’t tend to eat sugar – and friends and family have commented on that.”

“The most significant overall change I see in myself is I have become someone who enjoys my physical activities (my workouts, my walks, etc) – which I can honestly say I NEVER thought I would become one of Those People. Secondly, the change in my energy level and the feeling of increased physical capability – I am blown away by how much more confident I am in being in my body, moving my body, and the fact that I am still engaged in pushing my own envelope. I just appreciate you so much, and how you keep me on track; I keep coming back to the habits that continue to make a positive difference in my health. As someone who has always struggled with asking for help, and with TAKING the DAMN HELP, you have managed to fly in under my radar and meet me right where I am. Thanks, Aimee!”

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