Blasphemous Nutrition Podcast

Blasphemous Nutrition is where we are having detailed, nuanced conversations about what works and doesn’t work in the field of nutrition, why it is so d@mn hard to make lifestyle changes work, and how to make the process easier and more effective. In this podcast,  diet dogma is debunked and nutrition myths shattered, all while served up with a heaping side of science, sass and a smile. 

Listeners' Review

My go to health podcast

Aimee shared a wealth of information to help me keep myself feeling good. I always learn something new when I hang out here.

Xo thank you!

tstinson, 04/28/2024

Informative. Inspiring. Empowering.

I’ve listened to all episodes so far and I can tell this is going to be a favorite. As a person who is in the same spot January after January I found the episodes on slow weight loss inspiring. I am not someone who is susceptible to fads or supplements or extreme dieting yet I still struggle with some habits that prevent me from reaching my health goals. I appreciate this podcast and will use it to inspire and inform me this year as I change and eliminate some of my lesser habits and build healthier ones.


Top notch information given unapologetically

In todays world we are constantly being bombarded with “quick fix” weight loss schemes that promote unrealistic expectations and frankly, dangerous information. Aimee’s latest episode was a breath of fresh air! Her science backed discussion on how to sustain lasting results, hello behavioral changes and creating new habits, is crucial to sustainable weight loss. I would highly recommend this episode, and look forward to listening to future episodes.


Love it!

This is one of the best podcasts I have listened to. The host, Aimee, has a wealth of clinical experience and a nuanced perspective on nutrition that I found extremely refreshing. She is knowledgeable, passionate, and commited to helping people make informed choices about their health. Her delivery is engaging and entertaining, making the podcast enjoyable and informative. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of nutrition.

Eileenzm, 03/10/2024

Amazing info on weight loss!

I loved listening to this podcast! It was so interesting and I loved all the positive tips that are discussed in it to achieve a successful weight loss. Emphasizing the fact that it should be more of a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet kind of thing is an awesome message! I think a lot of people do not hear that message when they think about weight loss but it is so important to talk about if you want to be successful at it.


A must-listen podcast for anyone who cares about health!

Aimee’s delivery of information is fantastic! She delivers a fresh perspective on hot topics in the health world and leaves you feeling inspired, educated, and ready to reach your health goals. This podcast is on my list of must-listens every week for sure!!


Great content

I listen to a variety of nutrition podcasts, and this a new favorite. I appreciate Aimee’s strong opinions which are rooted in her deep professional experience and passion for understanding both legitimate research and human nature.

The length of her podcasts are just right for me…longer than Nutrition Diva, and shorter than Zoe and The Drive. I also appreciate that her content to ad ratio is extremely low. (I find it disturbing when nutrition podcasts are financially supported by the processed food or supplement industry.)

I think the “blasphemous” part of the podcast name is meant to shock and tease. I find it unfortunate that that is what a professional needs to get heard in these times. I confess I roll my eyes at some of the excessive rants and shock jock persona, which I think undermines her authority, but I know others less curmudgeonly than me find this attractive.

Aimee shared a wealth of information to help me keep myself feeling good. I always learn something new when I hang out here.

Xo thank you!


Informative and Empowering!

Aimee’s honest and authentic approach to digging into the nuanced details of nutrition is quite uplifting. As opposed to others who circle around dogmatic ways to improve one’s health, her emboldened style is refreshing to hear. I’ve learned so much from Aimee and it’s amazing to see that she’s sharing her knowledge and sass with others! This podcast is an absolute in my library!!