A Little More Sweetness in Life

I must take a moment to give great thanks to Jŏcalat, my chocolate savior the last month. Proudly labeled soy, dairy, and gluten free, this little bar has become one of the few sources of chocolate I can find. I’m not a big fan of the bitter cacao, and anything made with chocolate chips is doomed to be laced with soy lecithin. In a classic display of human psychology, a food which I did not have frequent strong cravings for before has suddenly become the Itch I cannot seem to scratch.
I chalk it up to a mix of expected and unexpected stressors over the last 4 weeks that markedly increased the desire for sweetness in my life. It’s only compounded by strict dietary protocol I am currently following. Whatever the origin, that nagging desire for chocolate is quelled with Jŏcalat. Not only that, but with ingredients so pure and natural* they sound almost holy, I can’t even feel guilty afterward!

*The above bar contains organic dates, organic walnuts, organic, fair-trade certified cocoa mass and organic cocoa powder. The nuts add healthy fats and minimize the blood sugar spike from the natural sugars found in dates. No one flavor overpowers another so the end result is an enjoyable, portable bar that doesn’t melt, isn’t overly sticky and is one of the purest products you can find! Other flavors are Chocolate Coffee, Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Orange. Also try LaraBar’s Cocoa Mole and Chocolate Coconut and report back on what you think!

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