Are You Getting Enough Vegetables?

The most effortless ways to increase veggie consumption and elevate your health – No smoothies or salads, guaranteed!!

Only 13% of Americans consume enough fruits and vegetables daily to meet USDA guidelines (2-3 cups of veg and 2 fruits a day).

On average, adults get just over a cup of veggies daily, so we’re not even close to meeting what’s needed for health.

I’m convinced that the single thing we can do to ease national and personal healthcare costs is to change how we eat. And the single biggest impactful change we can make is to consume more vegetables.

This is not an easy task! Nothing about modern living makes getting even 5 a day an effortless task, let alone the 10 servings a day that research shows would lead to the greatest improvement in human health.

The good news is that it *is* possible.
Starting grad school with a toddler at home required me to level up my produce game considerably. I had less time at my disposal to create meals, so they had to be quick and easy or I was, like most people, getting a cup of veg or less per day. Weeks where we relied on pasta, rice, and a protein were weeks I had less energy, was grumpier and more bloated.

A produce-focused diet increases energy, decreases cravings, and improves mental clarity!

Uncovering the research on how impactful vegetables were on human health motivated me to make a commitment to focusing on these foods. In talking with friends and clients, I discovered that others were also really interested in increasing their produce, they just did not know how.

Enter this guide – 5 Ways to 5 a Day in 15 Minutes or Less! This guide will get you started with my best tips and practices to ensure I get a minimum of 5 servings of produce a day, without spending all day in the kitchen. In doing this, my clients and I have recovered abundant energy, clarity of mind, and clearer skin. BONUS: No smoothie or salad recipes, because that just gets boring!

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