30 Ways to Change Your Life in 30 Days!

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At VIBRANCE, it is all about small changes. Small changes are the foundation of success and building upon small successes creates powerful transformation in relatively brief periods of time. The body is always striving for health, often all it needs is to be given an opportunity to heal.
Whether you are in fine shape or struggling with chronic health issues, the following 30 things can improve your life by allowing you greater nutrition, less stress, more energy and overall happiness. Try these 30 small changes out and see just how quickly your energy, mood, and productivity can shift! Let me know how these changes work for you!

  1. Drink More Water – most of us are dehydrated. Drink until your urine runs clear.
  2. Eat More Greens! Aim for at least one serving a day
  3. Get Some Fresh Air – we are indoors far too much. And while you are at it…
  4. BREATHE! Consciously. Deeply. And often.
  5. Express Yourself Creatively! If you don’t think yourslef creative, ask someone who knows you well how you are creative.
  6. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market – get the freshest produce, support your local economy, and see firsthand how your dollar makes a difference.
  7. Laugh More – rent a comedy, see a good friend, get tickled!
  8. Eat a Meal Slowly – this can singlehandedly shift everything.
  9. Create Community – join a team, a knitting group, or come home early and spend more time with family.
  10. Let Go of an Old Grudge – and watch your energy blossom!
  11. Try a New Vegetable — it may just revolutionize your kitchen…
  12. Cut back on your biggest vice by 50% — and put the money you save from those unpurchased lattes, cookies, or cigarettes into a splurge fund…
  13. Go on a 5 Day Cleanse – it doesn’t have to be extreme to benefit!
  14. Give More Hugs and get more in return!
  15. Express Your Gratitude Out Loud and often.
  16. Take An Epsom Salt Bath to relax, soothe tired, achy muscles and pamper yourself.
  17. Walk at least 10 minutes a Day – a great practice to start the morning or finish an evening, it allows time for intention, reflection, and also fulfills that fresh air requirement.
  18. Make a List of things that make you happy. Refer to it often.
  19. Sing Loudly. And Badly. Singing, no matter how tone deaf you may be, can shift moods and energy levels in less than 60 seconds. If you find yourself too judgmental of the sound of your voice, try humming instead.
  20. Get More Sleep – wherever you can, however you can. I’m willing to bet you need it.
  21. Just Say No. Most of us are overscheduled. Say no at least once more per week, even if you have the time to say yes.
  22. Stretch. Most of us have tight muscles from extercise, stress, or even sitting all day! Stretch what is stiff, adn get a massage if you need to. A loose body allows energy to flow…
  23. Have Some Berries. Seriously. They are amazing.
  24. Procrastinate Less – and instantly have less stress and a greater sense of accomplishment!
  25. Take a Multivitamin. Our food quality and food choices simply do not give us what we need. take one appropriate for your gender and stage of life.
  26. Eat 10 fewer meals made by someone you don’t know (ie – take out, convenience, fast food, etc.).
  27. Improve Your Environment – clean your home, workspace, or add something to either place that will make you feel better while you are there.
  28. Associate With Those Who Inspire – spend a little more time with people who support, encourage, and inspire you. These are the people you want MORE of in your life.
  29. Own it – take responsibility for your part in your life. It isn’t about blame or shame, it’s about giving you the power to change the course of an unsatisfying situation. If you’ve “done wrong” in some way, owning that gives you the freedom and awareness to amend the situation and choose differently in the future.
  30. Eat Breakfast Daily – breakfast eaters weigh less, have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, more energy and better moods.
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